Pázmány Péter Catholic University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences scientia et fidelitate


It is my pleasure to welcome You who prepares to apply to our university, and who has been directed to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences through Your interest in Humanities, Pedagogy, Social and Economic Sciences. Our Hungarian Catholic University is an intellectual hub and community which, in addition to its own mission, wishes to educate students willing work towards the rebuilding and redevelopment of our nation at home. It thus follows that studying at Pázmány, beyond the horizons of individual professional growth, represents a commitment to a broader set of values. In addition to satisfying the professional curiosity of our students, the past and present mission of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Pázmány Péter University is to promote responsible behaviour, critical thinking and a conscious commitment to Christian values. My personal belief and experience tells me that it is this path that makes us excel and stand out from the crowd. So, the question is: would you like to join the elite of the future, to join a community that will work responsibly towards the future, the preservation of the environment, and the promotion of human dignity? Do you want to be part of a community that sees professional excellence as the basis for individual and communal prosperity? Do you wish to belong to those who, through their belief in the values stated above and their own personal demands will achieve success in both their professional careers and their relationships with others? If the answer is yes then your place is with us.

Dr. Máté Botos, dean


Address:2087 Piliscsaba, Egyetem u. 1.

Phone: +36 26 375375

Fax: +36 26 577000

E-mail cím: info@btk.ppke.hu


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  • BA majors:
    • English Studies
    • German Studies
    • Romance Studies
    • Slavic Studies
    • Oriental Languages and Cultures
    • Ancient Languages and Cultures
    • Public Administration
    • Hungarian
    • Psychology
    • International Studies
    • Political Science
    • Liberal Arts
    • Communication and Media Studies
    • Sociology
    • Social Studies
    • History
  • MA majors:
    • English Studies
    • Arabic Studies
    • Digital Humanities
    • Theoretical Linguistics
    • Aesthetics
    • Philosophy
    • French Language, Literature and Culture
    • Classical Philology
    • Polish Language and Literature
    • Hungarian Language and Literature
    • Art History
    • Italian Language, Literature and Culture
    • Psychology
    • History
    • History of Religion
    • Translation and Interpreting
    • German Language, Literature and Culture
    • Communication and Media Studies
    • International Studies
    • Sociology
  • Teaching MAs:
    • English
    • French
    • Latin
    • Hungarian
    • Film Culture and Media Studies
    • German
    • Pedagogy
    • Spanish
    • History


  • Dr. Botos Máté dean