Presidential Welcome

Dr. SZUROMI Szabolcs, DSc.


The Pázmány Péter Catholic University, which is one of the legal successors of the University that was established by Cardinal Péter Pázmány, archbishop of Esztergom, Primate of Hungary, in Nagyszombat on 12th May 1635, during the last more two decades has got an eminent place in the Hungarian higher education system and has become recognized partner of many universities and research centers on the national and international level, moreover, it has become member of several highly qualified research university networks. This conscious organizing activity of our University was recognized by the state in 2013 when we received the title of National Excellence.

What is that peculiar value which can be added to the generally known and existing secular university activity by a catholic university, in the World, particularly in Europe, especially in Central Europe? This is definitely the loyalty toward our common Christian heritage, morality, the belief in the eternal truth which can be recognizes by the human being. This is the one which motivates us to instruct and form the new generation, to proceed in the highly qualified scientific research, never forgetting the roots of our faith and the real goal of every scientific inquiry. Protection and transmission of this value is never outworn - even the opposite concept is argued many times - but current and fresh.

Instruction is a natural part of the essential work of every university; however the sources of the new facts which can enrich the teaching should be the results of fundamental research. The formation is not merely forming the mind by facts and theories. Therefore, the moral and spiritual formation is an extraordinary responsibility of our university’s participation in the challenge of the Church. If we understand this principle, our teaching can be much more authentic and our students can feel more about their personal responsibility. Their preparation is in our hands, like in the 17th century when Cardinal Péter Pázmány gave chance to the youth through the foundation of a university among very difficult circumstances of the contemporary society.