Central European Exchange Program for University Studies

CEEPUS is an exchange academic programme in the fields of education and research which involves 16 Central-European countries, that offers both teachers and students opportunities to spend a study or teaching period abroad at some of the partner universities.
The programme started more than two decades ago in 1995 and functioning with rising success, demonstrated by the increasing number of involved participants. The main activity of CEEPUS developed in the framework of university networks (created minimum 3 universities from 3 different countries) which operate joint programs. CEEPUS covers mobility grants for students and teachers in this framework. It is a unique opportunity to share knowledge and experience among European countries with common cultural heritage and strong background of academic cooperation.

Some essential facts which are worth to know:

• Who can participate? - Students and teachers

• How long is the mobility period?
Short term student mobility: 1-2 months (min. 21 days)
Student mobility: 1 semester =3-5 months (full months with min. 16 days in the last month)
Teacher mobility: 1 month (min. 6 working days)
Short term excursion: 3-5 days

• Which countries do take part in the CEEPUS programme?
Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kososvo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia

• How can you apply?
Mobility within networks or individually as freemover (more information go: How to apply?)

• Why? ...why not!

Currently PPCU is member of 4 networks, two of them are coordinated by our University uniquely in Hungary.

If this special exchange opportunity raised your interest, you can find more information if you click here to check the website of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences or please visit the official website of CEEPUS international programme in Hungary!