Pázmány (PPCU) and Catholic University of Croatia (CUC) are bolstering their cooperation March 5, 2019

The Rectors of the two universities discussed strengthening the interinstitutional relations in Zagreb.

The Rectors of the Catholic University of Budapest and Zagreb conducted detailed discussions on the 19th of February at the seat of CUC regarding the full range of relations that could be built on and expand the cooperation agreement signed five years ago. PPCU and CUC have officially declared that they are planning to significantly broaden the common scientific areas related to teacher, researcher and student mobility. Szabolcs Szuromi and Željko Tanjić rectors also agreed to elevate the existing partnership between the two institutions, which share common values and pursue similar goals, with great emphasis on the credible representation of these activities. This on one hand manifests itself in the preparation and submission of joint (different levels and disciplines) project proposals (beneficial to both parties). On the other hand with active involvement of PPCU in continuous assistance, as well as participation of teaching and researcher staff, CUC will be able to launch new bachelor and master programs, training courses and research cooperation in Zagreb. Both sides agreed that the primary objective of this activity is to enable CUC to achieve a fully independent, high-level, state-accredited training for as many programs as possible, so that in the short term it will be possible to meet the requirements for a joint diploma awarded by PPCU and CUC. The universities also want to continue their successful cooperation in the fields of engineering and information technology.
After co-celebrating a mass at the Cathedral of Zagreb, under his official program  Szabolcs Szuromi personally presented Željko Tanjić (member of the International Theological Commission) the Pázmány plaque, which is the highest possible scientific recognition given by PPCU (awarded to him on the 17th of October, 2018).