Religious Culture in the Middle East — A Complex Question October 31, 2017

PPCU President's seminar at University of Notre Dame, US

On the 3rd of November, Prof. Szabolcs Szuromi, President of PPCU will hold a seminar at our long-time partner institution, University of Notre Dame (Indiana, USA).

Titled Religious Culture in the Middle East — A Complex Question, the seminar will focus on describing the history and cultural background of the Middle East, including the common values and principles of both Christian and Muslim teaching. As many know, Christians and Muslims have lived peacefully together in the Middle East for many centuries and it is largely only in recent years that religious extremism has become a serious and ongoing challenge. The seminar will also explain the attitudes of higher religious authorities of the differing Islamic religious communities and the actions they have taken, while concluding with an analysis of the common basis for cohabitation of religious communities within a society of a different culture in the Middle East. The analysis is very relevant to the current situations in Egypt, Syria, Iran, and Iraq, among other nation states.

Since his appointment as President in 2011, Prof. Szuromi has built strong research and cultural collaborations with Muslim and Christian scholars in Egypt, Syria, and Iraq.

For more information, please see University of Notre Dame website here.