Zooming on ASPU March 27, 2017

We have visited our newest partner in March.

A delegation of PPCU has visited the Armenian State Pedagogical University or ASPU on the 14th of March. During this visitation the cooperation between PPCU and ASPU has taken a step further, strengthening an already promising relationship between the two prestigious institutions. To commemorate this event, we would like to present ten facts about our newest, but well-appreciated partner.

1. ASPU is named after Khachatur Abov, an Armenian writer and national public figure of the early 19th century who mysteriously vanished in 1848.

2. The President of ASPU, Dr. Ruben Mirzakhanyan was awarded Honorary Doctorate by Pázmány Péter Catholic University this year.

3. Chess has been played in Armenia since the early middle ages, and it is the very first country the world to make chess mandatory in schools. ASPU takes it one step further: it conducts outstanding research and has a wonderful laboratory dedicated to chess. By the way, chess is pronounced 'shakhmat' in Armenian, which sounds exactly like chess-mate in Hungarian!

4. ASPU has a small, but very dedicated museum to its history, which even has a holographic vision of Khachatur Abov, reciting letters and advocating modernization.

5. ASPU devotes great resources to Psychology training and research, for instance in the fields of trauma regarding war zones.

6. The Armenian Genocide's memory is still very present in ASPU's life, and PPCU is not one to take a step back. In April of 2017, we are planning the First International Conference on Nations Under Genocide (more information can be found here).

7. ASPU currently has 14,000 students.

8. ASPU has the very first student radio, which is not only popular with its students, but it brings a fresh air to the Yerevan casting sphere.

9. It is in the top five Armenian higher educational institutions.

10. PPCU's newly founded Armenian Studies Department, which is unique in Hungary and APSU have big plans for the future – stay tuned!


PPCU's team consisted of the Director for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Nóra Dégi and two Foreign Affairs Coordinator, Ms. Réka Reinisch and Ms. Veronika Lénárt.

We would like to thank ASPU for the wonderful time in Armenia!