Faculty of Theology

The Faculty of Theology is the eldest School of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University, it has been created Nagyszombat in 1635. As a Theological Institution, it dedicates its activity to the so-called 'sacred sciences', which mean different Fields of Theology, Christian Philosophy, Biblical Studies, Patristic Studies, Ecclesiastical History and Canon Law. The Institute introduces students to these scientific fields and independent research practices through instructional levels which have received recognition by the Holy See and also by the Hungarian State. Therefore, our graduates can begin their ecclesiastical carrier with highly-valuated special experience within the wide activity of the Church institutional system. They will be able to enrich, with their own scientific results, the Science of Theology in Hungary and on an international level too. This is served by the undivided (5 years) Theological program and the Theological PhD instruction which is unique in Hungary. The well-known and widely-respected teaching faculty, approved by the Holy See, is guaranteed to produce work and education of the highest quality. This esteemed faculty has prepared two unique specializations in international cooperation for 2016, in Patristic and Biblical Studies.

This Faculty offers courses only in Hungarian.