IT Department

The IT department responsible for the background and operation services is the Central Information Services Group (Központi Informatikai Szolgáltató Csoport in Hungarian, KISzCs).

Head: Mr. Tamás VRÁNICS

The organization provides maintenance and development for all PPCU IT assets (client side, server side, and network).
• Operates the IT services supporting PPCU.
• Enables the use of educational technology devices.
• Handles upkeep of the telephone network and device maintenance.
• Provides HelpDesk for all PPCU devices and IT services.
• Reviews and coordinates all IT and IT-related PPCU device or service purchase.


Receiving information regarding the University's information technology services, recourse, fault reporting and incident management is possible via the HelpDesk on the following channels:

By phone from Monday to Thursday between 8 AM and 4:30 PM, on Friday between 8 AM and 2 PM on the following number: (06-1) 886-4701, or in person at the PPCU Law Faculty Informatics Lab (1088 Budapest, Szentkirályi street 28. I. floor 101.).

The KISzCs responds to each and every notification depending on the time length of given task (gives feedback, starts troubleshooting, investigates security issues or takes necessary measures) in the shortest possible time. After completion of the task the user receives feedback usually by e-mail.

Accessing online services