Mission Statement

The University functions and fulfils its ecclesiastical mission according to the Apostolic Constitution Ex corde Ecclesiae: “Since the objective of a Catholic University is to assure in an institutional manner a Christian presence in the university world confronting the great problems of society and culture. (…) A Catholic University, therefore, is a place of research, where scholars scrutinize reality with the methods proper to each academic discipline, and so contribute to the treasury of human knowledge. Each individual discipline is studied in a systematic manner; moreover, the various disciplines are brought into dialogue for their mutual enhancement (…)”

Beside this the unique aims of PPCU are the following: the University is a scientific community that, through its strict and critical approach, promotes the protection and development of human dignity and cultural heritage by research, education and other activities provided to the given national and international community especially in the field of theology and human sciences but as much as possible in the area of natural sciences as well. At the same time the University has the mission to ensure the presence of the Catholic Faith in the Hungarian culture and to become one of the determining factors of the Catholic cultural life.

The University in order to achieve these goals:

  • pursues basic research in all fields of science;
  • ensures the necessary research infrastructure and its HR requirements;
  • motivates its lecturers to take part in scientific research as much as possible by providing regular research sabbatical and by supporting international research cooperation;
  • prioritizes the international participation of its lecturers both in the activities of foreign higher educational institutions and in the publication of their research results in foreign language scientific journals published in other countries.
  • promotes the realization of inter- and multidisciplinary research projects and the related tendering processes both in Hungary and internationally;
  • aspires to participate in international research networks thus promoting the international recognition the faculties and their researchers;
  • constructs an effective talent support system in order to ensure a rising new generation of highly qualified research experts;
  • provides an opportunity for exercising critical thinking and the freedom of research.

It is a unique socio-political task of PPCU to present the Catholic view concerning the life of individuals and the whole society. The essence of this approach is the unconditioned acceptance of the objective value of human beings from their conception to their natural death. This view of society provides the opportunity to initiate new educational programs in the broadest spectrum possible, which are capable to focus on the individual characteristics of the participants and at the same time can be appropriately personalized. This way the main aim of the Catholic education of experts is to mobilize individual capabilities for the service of the society and of every single person. Naturally, this goal is closely linked to the phenomenon that appears within the Catholic education of experts: the education of the ‘entire person’, which means that, beyond the intellectual and physical formation, the students’ spiritual and moral development must also be of primary importance.