Higher level of cooperation between PPCU and University of Notre Dame July 27, 2018

Higher education agreement between Hungary and Indiana, USA

The relationship between Pázmány Péter Catholic University (PPCU – Budapest, Hungary) and University of Notre Dame (NDU - Indiana, USA) has been constantly developing over the last two decades.

As a reflection of the two institution's shared values; scientific-, research- and educational goals the representatives of PPCU and NDU have agreed to elevate the cooperation to a higher tier. One of the great decisive points of the process was the signature of the agreement on higher education on 25 July 2018 between Hungary and the State of Indiana, based on the outstanding relations between PPCU and NDU.

The development of PPCU's partnership network is not only important for its direct participants, but also enriches the Hungarian higher education by issuing internationally competitive diplomas in new fields. Both NDU and PPCU representatives participated in the state ratification of the document.