New research center named after Pope St. John Paul II has started its operation at Pázmány Péter Catholic University September 9, 2020

led by János Frivaldszky, Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations

Three professors were appointed as heads of research institutes within the research center: Alexander Batthyany is the head of Viktor Frankl Research Institute. He is a renowned philosopher and professor of history of psychology, philosophical anthropology, and logotherapy founded by Viktor E. Frankl.
Professor Magdolna Csath, Chief Advisor of the Rector has become the head of the Research and Training Institute for the Economic Development and Small Enterprises.
The Study Group 'Christian Philosophy' is led by Professor Péter Sárkány. Furthermore, ten different divisions will carry out academic research within the center by focusing on Catholic perspective and analyzing the moral and social teaching of the Catholic Church in the following fields: church history, medieval mystics, philosophy – Catholic anthropology, marriage and family, natural law, creation-protection, psychology, pedagogy, civil society, good governance, caritas sciences, human dignity, war and peace, bioethics and artificial intelligence. In addition to the lecturers of the university external professionals are going to be invited to participate in the research projects. The appointment certificates to the three institute leaders were presented by Rector Géza Kuminetz on 1 September 2020.