PPCU in the top three of Hungary December 2, 2016

PPCU excels in Informatics, Engineering and Law studies

For the 12th time Heti Válasz, a prestigious Hungarian newspaper has assembled its higher education list of outstanding institutions. This year three universities has seized the top places - the oldest university in Hungary, ELTE; Corvinus – topping the business and economics education and Pázmány Péter Catholic University. Pázmány has outrivaled its peers in three study fields: Law, Informatics and Engineering. ELTE and Corvinus both topped two-two respective categories.

The most popular study courses were also categorized – ELTE placed first in seven and Pázmány in six different course.

This year’s listing were pioneer since it incorporated not only the students' number and satisfaction, but also the number and expertise of teaching staff, as well as the student/teacher ratio (how many students are in one class).

Heti Válasz has also explored one of the most frequently asked questions of students and parents alike: how much does a diploma earn you on the job market?