PPCU launches the fall semester with hybrid education August 26, 2020

The Pázmány Péter Catholic University plans to launch the fall semester by applying a “hybrid” form of education.

Some courses will be held with personal attendance and some courses will require synchronous or asynchronous online communication (or both). The primary deciding factor when selecting the format is to avoid the presence of large numbers of people in enclosed spaces. The protection of vulnerable teachers is also a priority. Education that involves personal attendance may only be held in accordance with the applicable epidemiological rules, with the use of the required protective measures. Instructions of the Rector 11/2020 require that masks be worn in classrooms and hallways, and that people keep a distance of 1.5 m between them. We would again like to emphasize our request that you do not enter the University if you experience the symptoms typically associated with COVID-19. We aim to ensure a possibility for students who are unable to appear for classes because of the epidemiological situation (due to health or other equitable reasons) to participate online in the courses they signed up for.

A limited number of students may enter lecture halls for the lectures of required subjects in undergraduate programs organized by the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences; the others will be able to join in online. For subjects included in the first semester of the model curriculum, first-year students will participate in practical courses by attending in person; everything else will be provided online. All other subjects (optional and elective subjects) will be held online for all years. As applications for (doctoral and lawyer) postgraduate programs have not yet been closed, we will provide information at a later date.

In light of the advantageous features and teaching conditions at the Esztergom and Piliscsaba campuses, the University's Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences will require personal attendance for all courses, regardless of the program education level (BA, single-cycle teacher training, postgraduate specialist training) and whether the program is full-time or correspondence. In Budapest, regardless of the program education level (BA, MA, single-cycle teacher training, postgraduate specialist training) and whether the program is full-time or correspondence, courses involving more than 30 students will be held with distance education and courses involving less than 30 students will require personal attendance. In justified cases, teachers may request that courses with less than 30 students be launched in the form of distance education.

Regardless of the program education level and whether the program is full-time or correspondence, the Faculty of Theology will start the fall semester in the 2020/2021 academic year with limited student numbers at lectures and by applying epidemiological measures (distance of 1.5 meters between persons and masks required in the building), with lectures requiring both personal attendance and also made available online. Teachers will decide on the format for holding seminars depending on the number of students.

The University's Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics will impose limitations in both buildings and classrooms in line with the rules of keeping distance. Due to the limitations in attendants, practical courses and laboratory tasks will be held on separate days for the various years (2 days per week); on other days, teaching will be provided online. Practical courses and computer labs for masters students will be held in the hybrid education format. All lectures will be held in the synchronous or asynchronous online form.

The various faculties will provide students with additional detailed information regarding the fall semester.

If it becomes necessary to make a full transition to distance education because of the epidemiological situation or the government's decision, the University will introduce any new measures necessary.