Staff Training Week at PPCU May 4, 2018

18 participants from 8 countries

Pázmány Péter Catholic University has organized a staff training week for its international partners between 24th and 27th of April, making this event its 4th international staff training event altogether. Participation was tied to invitation and we were honored to welcome 18 participants from France, Italy, Israel, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain.

This week was intended for international officers and coordinators with the aim of providing a multicultural and diverse environment for sharing practices, networking and learning, while also strengthening one's social abilities in the heart of Europe.

The professional program included presentations from the participants and invited speakers as well, and we would like to express our gratitude to Ms. Magda Ferro from the Catholic University of Porto, Ms. Karolina Hudyma from SOP Hilmbauer & Mauberger GmbH, Ms. Bianka Molnár from the Hungarian National Agency, Ms. Emi Tamba from Nagoya University for Foreign Studies, Mr. Gady Paran from Bar-Ilan University, Mr. Marco Ferri from the University of Salento, Miguel Sánchez from La Salle University, Beata Mikovicova from ISEP and Ewa Jazdzinska from Adam Miczkievicz University for their wonderful presentation, as well as a heartful thanks for all our participants for their professional expertise during our program.

This year we explored the management and challenges of mobility and internalization, with emphasis on the Erasmus Without Paper movement and related online programs, possible cooperation opportunities with the participants and Hungary, PPCU's best practices such as our mentor/buddy system and various discussions related to an international office and international higher education fairs.

Networking opportunities included a welcome dinner, sightseeing in Budapest, an escape room experience, a pub quiz and a closing standing lunch.

The organization was complete with a joint effort of PPCU's Central Directorate for Foreign Affairs and the faculty international offices, while attendees were able to meet with various colleagues from related fields, such as Mr. Gábor Ulakcsai and Ms. Anna Pereszlényi from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ms. Henrietta Novák and Ms. Karolina Pap from the Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics and Ms. Zsuzsanna Pollák and Ms. Mercédesz Locskay from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences.