The Central Office for Foreign Affairs is the central body at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, which performs the administrative tasks of the University connected to the development and implementation of the internationalisation strategy, management of its international relations, submitting international applications and coordination of international mobility. The aim of the Central Office for Foreign Affairs is to contribute to the accomplishment of the University's mission in the field of education and research by exploring and exploiting the opportunities of international cooperation. The Central Office for Foreign Affairs shall perform its tasks under the professional supervision and direction of the Rector.

The Office:
a) contributes to the development of the University's the international strategy, promotes and monitors its execution,
b) prepares the international agreements at institutional level, facilitates their execution ,
c) coordinates the responsibilities of the University regarding its contractual relations with foreign universities,
d) performs the institutional tasks related to the coordination of the applications of the Erasmus+ and CEEPUS programmes, and informs the Faculties about offered possibilities,
e) provides the institutional coordination of the CEEPUS, Stipendium Hungaricum, Scholarship for Christian Young People and the Hungarian Diaspore Scholarship programmes,
f) liaise with international and national bodies which ensures the Erasmus+, Stipendium Hungaricum and CEEPUS programmes,
g) by connecting the concerned partners, coordinates the implementation of the Visegrad Fund scholarship programmes,
h) participates in the organization and implementation of the international programs (for instance conferences) organized by the institution:

  • prepares and executes the international conferences initiated by the Rectorate
  • ensures the adequate content and protocol standards of the international conferences organized and implemented by other organizational unit of the University,

i) organizes and conducts programs at the institutional level related to the mobility projects (for instance staff training week, orientation week, etc.),
j) performs the institutional responsibilities related to the coordination of the Mobility Online tool,
k) prepares and manages an up-to-date database of the international relations of the University,
l) provides the administration related to the memberships of the University in different international professional organizations,
m) contributes to the introduction and promotion of the University abroad,
n) represents the University in various international and national forums,
o) maintains the existing relations with foreign universities and coordinates the establishment of new contacts,
p) assists in shaping the international image of the University,
q) takes part in the conceptual and substantive preparation of the English informational material and initiates their update,
r) maintains conceptually and substantially the English website of the University,
s) cooperates with other central organizational units and Faculties involved in international affairs.

The head of the Central Office for Foreign Affairs
a) organizes and manages the activities of the Central Office for Foreign Affairs, coordinates, supervises and monitors the executions of the tasks on a regular basis,
b) contributes to the development of the internationalization strategy which is necessary to the implementation of the goals related to the University's international activities, assists and coordinates its execution,
c) liaises with the leaders of the Faculties and of the other independent organizations,
d) reports on the activities of the Office to the Rector on a regular basis.
The operation of the programmes and applications coordinated by the Central Office for Foreign Affairs is regulated by institutional policies, which include the necessary deadlines and responsibilities related to the Institution and its staff starting from the preparation of the applications through the submission to their implementation.