College for advanced studies admission

The specialised colleges have their own admission procedure. You can find further details about the admission criteria and procedures on the specific online platform of the colleges.


Dormitory admission

1. Basic information

         Application period for the spring semester 2023/2024: from 11 December 2023 to 21 January 2024. Additional admission: from 26 January 2024 to 11 February 2024.

         For information on how to apply for admission, click here on the institutional level application form for Dormitories (701-702). 

2. Admission scoring and ranking

         The admission procedure to the halls of residence is governed by the Regulations for Student Residence, available here (see below for a schematic explanation).

         The admission scoring is based on four elements:

                 - social situation (the more difficult your social situation, the higher your score)
                 - academic performance (the better the applicant's academic performance, the higher the score)
                 - sporting, professional and community activities (the more such activities the applicant has done, the higher the score)
                 - work schedule of the course (full-time students will only be awarded points). 

        The available places are filled up on the basis of a ranking system based on the total number of points

  Subject to availability of spaces: the highest scored applicants will be admitted.

                 In case of oversubscription, a system of ranking of applications with the same scores will be based on the principle of equity.

                 In case of a tie

                            - in the first place, the higher score will be given to the course work programme,
                            - in the case of identical applications, the higher score for the social situation,
                            - a higher score for sporting, professional and community activities in the case of a similar score,
                            - finally, in the case of a new score identity, the higher score is determined by the higher score of the academic result of the applicant,
                                                      who will be admitted.
                              If all the subscores are identical, the earlier date of submission of the application for admission will be decisive.