The University carries on the Catholic spirit represented by its namesake Péter Pázmány. It imagines the implementation of excellence in education, research, and innovation in the service of social development along the lines of eternal values.

The mission and the task of the University is to play a definitive role in the Hungarian university and academic scientific community by conducting high-quality research to support people and society. In this scientific purpose, the University does not intend to compete with other universities and is not driven by such goals. Rather, its professors and researchers are driven by an internal moral and professional commitment and calling. This makes it clear that the University therefore has to excel in its own right, both in absolute and relative terms, as it is guided by a moral and professional obligation instead of a feeling of competition. As a result, as regards its size, capacity, and the potential resulting from these attributes, it must be the best higher education institution in its category over the medium term

  • Our goal is to support students in fully realizing the potentials of their carcers by providing a quality learning environment.
  • Our goal is to assist the careers of our teachers, researchers, and employees by providing a quality work environment, extensive scientific cooperation, and a Christian organizational culture.
  • Our goal is to support society, the economy, and employers through our effective, progressive, and Catholic-oriented performance as an institution, by training viable students fit for work, by acting as a catalyst for lifelong learning, and by promoting cooperation in the form of partnerships.

In the interest of ensuring that education, religious activities, research and development, and the provision of basic and ancillary activities are of excellent quality and to ensure their continuous perfection, the University operates a Quality Assurance System. By developing its quality assurance system, the University quarantees that it provides its students with quality knowledge that can be further developed, is useful in Hungarian and international theology, and is applicable on the labor market.
To achieve these goals, the University:

  • has set up a quality assurance system to continually develop its education and research activities;
  • continuously develops its quality assurance system in line with international recommendations and the requirements of the Higher Education Act and the Hungarian Accreditation Committee;
  • harmonizes its quality development and human resource management requirements to ensure that the skills of its employees in the performance of tasks related to theology, education, research, and consultancy excel in the competition between higher education institutions;
  • effectively and efficiently integrates the strategic elements of quality and institution development.

The University leadership urges its employees:

  • to familiarize themselves with the Universíty's Quality Policy;
  • to excel in all areas of their lives and work;
  • to continuously expand their knowledge and skills.

The leadership of Pázmány Péter Catholic University commits itself to and assumes an active role in operating and developing the quality assurance system, and expects the same commitment from all colleagues.

Budapest, 14 November 2019

Dr. Géza György Kuminetz