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The Canon Law Institute „ad instar facultatis” was established more than fifteen years ago. This Institute with “Faculty Rights” works on the profound scientific instruction of experts in the own internal law of the Catholic Church, which is unique within this Geopolitical Region; moreover the Institute through the excellent value teaching promotes and unifies the activity of the Ecclesiastical Tribunals on High Level in Hungary, but also in other different countries (i.e. Serbia, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine). This Institute with Apostolic Right was erected by the Apostolic Holy See herself, which entrusted it with capacity to do scientific instruction on any scientific level (baccalaureates, licentiatus, doctorates) and erect diploma in the name of the Holy See, however it has also supplied the recognition by the State of Hungary concerning the MA and PhD Degrees. Our Institute from the very beginning has made a significant stress on the international recognized and high valuated scholarly research, moreover on the different forms of publications of these new results. The World-Wide highly accepted and recognized Professor-team is really profound guarantee for these several activities. Through the above explained frequented scientific activity on the field of teaching, research and conferences clearly testify that the Canon Law Institute “ad instar facultatis” of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University in unquestionable way – during the more than last fifteen years – has reach the excellent level of the best old and traditional Pontifical Canon Law faculties “in Urbe”. It can be the reason why many people are looking for receiving of our diploma and scientific degrees from different countries.




Majors at PPKE KJPI

  • Catholic Canon Lawyer MA

  • Canon Law PhD Program




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