Pázmány Péter Catholic University offers its students quality human-centered education, classic knowledge and innovation. The foundation of the institution in Nagyszombat in 1635 and its re-foundation in 1992 are the cornerstones of Hungary's oldest continuously operating university. With its diverse training system, it serves both the transmission of traditional knowledge and values ​​necessary for the development of the entire human personality, as well as the formation of the information society and its adaptation to human fulfillment.

Our lecturers are well-known and recognized researchers and specialists in their respective fields. Our favorable instructor-student ratio for all of our courses enables the support of individual achievements and the establishment of a direct, helpful relationship with the instructors. The reputation of our institution gives good chances for a favorable position in the labor market.

Basically, we strive for training that facilitates everyday life, while an important goal for us is also to facilitate the students' acquisition and recognition of the related theoretical knowledge and connections. Theology, law, humanities and social sciences, as well as information technology and bionics have been present in our training palette for decades. In addition to preserving traditions, we strive for continuous renewal. Our domestic and international collaborations, our internationally recognized research, and our participation in a network of partner schools offer serious opportunities in this field, and our mobility programs are becoming more and more popular.

The spirit of our Budapest-based university is fundamentally determined by our Catholic affiliation and the resulting human and community values. Respect for each other, building a professional and friendly community across generations - from high school to alumni - as well as paying attention to each other and helping each other are of fundamental importance to us. Our community programs attract more and more students every year.

The Faculty of Theology offers a perspective on the fulfillment of the entire human personality through growth in faith. The possibility of living the Catholic faith within the university and participating in related programs is open to all our students. The offer of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences covers a wide range of social knowledge, from psychology and teacher training to various languages ​​and political sciences. The Faculty of Law and Political Science presents students with the basic norms of various forms of human coexistence, from the world of Roman law to the reality of today. The education at the Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics is called the science of the third millennium. Information technology, life sciences, bionics and engineering knowledge together help to achieve an ever-higher quality of life.

The transfer of knowledge takes place in a friendly atmosphere, taking into account the talents, abilities and needs of the students. Our university always keeps high academic and educational standards in mind, even by international standards. We are convinced that the value stability of the diplomas issued by the institution, as well as the good reception of our graduates in the labor market, are favorable consequences of our internal values.

Our institution is maintained by the Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference.