Information for third-country national students, teachers, researchers and employees


Pursuant to the amendment to the law adopted in December 2023, no applications for a residence permit may be submitted between 1 January 2024 and 29 February 2024, except for cases provided by law. Such exception could include the entry of people in higher education. In this case the application for a residence permit may be submitted. Please note that proof of all conditions of residence is still required for the issuance of a residence permit in accordance with the purpose of the stay, just as in the general order. In view of this exceptional regulation and situation, higher education institutions will provide flexibility regarding the delayed start of studies.


Important to know about the procedure:

1) In case of pending applications submitted until 31 December 2023:

In case the application was submitted until 31 December 2023, but a decision has not yet been taken, the procedure is suspended by law until 29 February 2024. In case of applications submitted duly until 31 December 2023, after the expiry of the suspension period, i.e. following 29 February 2024, the aliens policing authority shall continue the procedures concerned and shall take a decision in accordance with the legislation in force at the time of submission of the given application. If it is necessary to enter the territory of Hungary until 29 February 2024, it is recommended to submit a request for termination of the pending (suspended) procedure and submit a new application at the same time.

2) When submitting a new application:

You can submit your application for a residence permit at the competent Hungarian diplomatic mission according to your nationality or habitual residence, if you are staying abroad.

If you are a citizen of a visa-free country or are legally staying in Hungary with a C visa, you can submit the application in person at the client service of the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing during the visa-free period/during the validity period of the visa.

3) Application attachments:

The Appendix related to the purpose of your stay shall be attached to the application (studies, research, employment, etc.).

The followings shall be enclosed with the application:

  • facial photograph,
  • the page of your travel document suitable for data verification,
  • a document confirming the purpose of your stay,
  • employment: preliminary agreement or employment contract,
  • teacher: document certifying activity as a teacher,
  • studies: admission certificate, proof of language skills required for the studies,
  • research: hosting agreement concluded with a research organization,
  • a document certifying the means of existence necessary for living in Hungary (bank account cash flow statement, statement of income, cash flow statement of a family member's bank account and document certifying family relationship, etc.),
  • document certifying entitlement to health care services (health insurance, declaration of sufficient financial means and document verifying this, etc.),
  • a completed form relating to your accommodation in Hungary, as well as a document certifying the legal use of the accommodation (e.g. rental agreement, dormitory certificate, etc.).

Please note that during the procedure, it is important to submit a complete and duly completed application with all necessary attachments, as deficiency procedure may result in a high degree of delay.

Budapest, January 18, 2024