WICT Erasmus+ KA220 project summary (academic year 2022/23)


The Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics is participating as a partner in the WICT Erasmus+ KA220 partnership cooperation project since January 2022. The project aims at the joint development and implementation of joint short ICT courses to improve the employability of students and graduates. Subsequently, PPKE has continuously carried out the first phase of curriculum design for two subjects (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) according to the project schedule.


Reading in Europe today - Reading and Writing Literary Texts in the Age of Digital Humanities

Erasmus+ Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices Strategic Partnerships for higher education (2017-2021)

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, under the leadership of Dr. Anikó Ádám, was a coordinator of an Erasmus+ KA-220-HED Higher Education Institutions Strategic Partnership Cooperation project. The main goal of the project was the popularization the pleasure and utility of reading, the lingual forms and interpretation of images, and reading as a life experience. Several publications were published about the new methods and applications for traditional, internet-based and electronic publication of literary texts analysed and created to the target group of the project: publishers, education experts, translators, publishers, IT experts, and especially young readers and university students, as future teachers and researchers.

The intellectual output of the project was Rich Annotator System, developed to link the text of the commentary literature to some major literary text being commented upon, and form direct hyperlinks from the comments to the quoted text semi automatically and by automatically generating inverse links, enabling a new form of reading of the main text where each commentary is immediately visible.