The PPKE IT Department is responsible for the IT services.

Head: Mr. Róbert LUDVAI

Clean Software Program

The students of Pázmány Péter Catholic University - as an institution participating in the Clean Software Program - are entitled to download the MsWindows and Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus * software package on the web interface provided by Educatio Nonprofit Kft. They can validate their access on the following website
The service can also be accessed by the students via the Neptun Student Web (by clicking on the Campus Portal link on the left).

* All Hungarian, state-recognized, operated by the state-, church- or a foundation primary and secondary school students, as well as students of higher education institutions participating in the Clean Software Program, are eligible to use Office 365 ProPlus free of charge.


Accessing online services

Useful documents:



Frissítve: 2020-04-27