CUP Conference in Zagreb


Between May 9-11, the annual meeting of the Catholic Universities Partnership (CUP), which brings together the catholic universities of Central and Eastern Europe, took place at the Catholic University of Croatia, in Zagreb.

The collaboration was established 20 years ago under the patronage of the American University of Notre Dame, and during its operation so far, many lecturers and colleagues of our University, as well as students could participate in summer universities, research and training programs. From our university, a delegation of 7 people (including one student from the Faculty of Theology) participated on the meeting, with the lead of vice-rector Dr. Krisztián Vincze, so PPKE was represented in every panel discussion during the 3 days Conference. On the first day of the event, Croatian Minister of Education, Radovan Fuchs also welcomed the participants. During the presentations and panel discussions that followed the opening, the participants reflected on the cooperation and results of the past 20 years, and discussed the future goals and directions of Partnership.