Armenian Studies Department established in PPCU


Since the beginning of this year PPCU and the Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan (ASPU) have been cooperating on the creation of the new Armenian Studies Department in our University. In the beginning we have signed a cooperation agreement on the 23th of March, laying the foundation for future mobility of students and teachers. After establishing the Department in Piliscsaba and the start of the accreditation procedure, Dr. FODOR György, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has visited Armenia to exchange practices and deepen our partnership. As our mutual effort coming to fruition, the delegation of ASPU visited PPCU between 20-25th of October, during which time President Ruben K. MIRZAKHANYAN has hold a scientific session and has been awarded the highest reward of scientific recognition, the Pázmány Plaque for his various achievements in the research of Armenian culture, visual art and contemporary Armenian history.

After the awarding celebration the new Department was inaugurated and the teaching staff nominated from both institutions.

President Ruben K. MIRZAKHANYAN from ASPU also visited the office of Dr. SZUROMI Szabolcs DSc.  on the 22th of October and awarded our President with the Pedagogical University medal, the institution’s prize of scientific excellence.

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